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Small Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Design is a hot topic, as people are opting for customized and modern kitchens instead of going for traditional kitchens. This process of renovating a kitchen is becoming popular with every passing day. Kitchen renovation involves remodeling the kitchen space, removing the old appliances and equipment and replacing them with new ones which are available in different brands. In addition to this, a lot of attention is paid to the interiors and design of the kitchen. If you wish to renovate your kitchen in a hassle-free manner then you can hire a professional kitchen designing company.

The main aspect of kitchen designs is the layout plan. Most of the customers want to have unique and custom-made kitchens where there is enough space for cooking, storage and other essential necessities. The kitchen designs can be made, keeping the requirements and the needs of the customers in mind. You can find several companies that provide excellent services under this category. These companies provide services like kitchen designs, countertop remodeling, cabinet refacing, wallpapers, tiles and other related services.

While doing a kitchen design, first of all you need to decide the main theme or the focal point for your kitchen. You can make a sketch of the layout and then ask your experienced designer to implement it. It is very important that you keep some important points in mind while renovating a small kitchen. For example, most of the homeowners want their kitchens to have a small kitchen cabinet so that they can store the small utensils and kitchen tools easily. Besides kitchen cabinets, you can also make use of small kitchen tables, small kitchen chairs, small kitchen shelves, dishwashers, microwaves and many other important kitchen accessories.

The next important aspect of kitchen designs involves the work triangle. This is an easy concept that helps the user to organize the working spaces in the kitchen. The work triangle refers to the area below the stove, countertop, cupboard and fridge. The kitchen design should have a central work triangle where all the activities are organized. In addition to this, the other three areas of the work triangle should be flexible such as the upper portion where you can store any appliances, refrigerators and dishwashers, the lower portion where you can serve drinks, and the rest area including the storage space for other items.

When designing a kitchen, you also have to consider the distance between the stove, sink and refrigerator. You can increase the space available between these three objects by using narrow doorways and add doors at a proper distance. The concept of the work triangle should be incorporated in your kitchen design by placing a refrigerator in the middle of the triangle so that all three appliances are placed over the refrigerator. You can further add an island in the center of this triangle to enable extra space for extra appliances or to prevent the stove from getting in the way of the sink.

When designing a small kitchen, the most important concept that you should keep in mind is the countertop. If your countertop is large, it becomes difficult to cut large pieces of food into the same size. You can achieve the best look for your small kitchen design by fitting small kitchen cabinets instead of large ones. These cabinets come in various designs and styles so that you can complement the color of the room.

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